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YourNextGuitar.com – for everything guitar – was established in 2012 to give guitarists all the information they need about these wonderful instruments. We are not experts, but we are passionate about guitars, making music and having fun!

Like you, we could spend all day messing about with guitars, amps, effects and stuff to find ‘that tone’.

We publish regular news updates, buyers guides and reviews.


GAS – Guitar Acquisition Syndrome

A well know disease in the guitar world! As guitarists ourselves we also like to lust after some incredible instruments we could never afford or justify buying!

Whether you strum an acoustic guitar now and again at home, or have a full rig for stadium concerts it’s great to know what’s new and what’s good.

As with everything, jargon in the guitar world can be very confusing, particularly when you are just learning to play, so we try and demystify it and help you on your journey.



You can get a new guitar for a hundred quid and one for twelve grand; an amp for fifty quid and one for three thousand; an effects pedal for twenty quid and one for a thousand – all have a place in the world of guitars.

Today’s choice of gear is immense – the main players keep getting bigger, but we are also blessed with the little guys who custom make some fantastic gear – we have over three hundred and fifty makers of guitars, amps and effects from across the world profiled on the site

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