After ten years the original Lunchbox combo amp, which defined a new genre in tiny amp, has been redesigned and updated and is due for launch next month. The Lunchbox Reverb is a complete redesign of the original and features increased output, expanded tone controls, the addition of reverb, and a fresh look featuring the trademark “swoop” grill of the ZT Custom Shop line, a new logo badge, and a durable metallic silver gloss painted finish. It’s also cheaper! Coming with it is the Lunchbox Cab II is a passive extension cabinet matched to the Lunchbox Reverb and featuring the same custom- designed 6.5” speaker.

ZT produce the iconic Lunchbox series of amps – small, light and very loud! They use proprietary DSP and state-of-the-art amplifier technologies while respectfully maintaining classic qualities of simplicity, reliability and tone. Their amps offer stage-worthy performance while being extremely compact and lightweight. They have rapidly gained acclaim from top professionals and weekend warriors across every genre of music.

ZT Amplifiers, Inc. was established in 2008 with a very ambitious goal – to revolutionise the field of musical instrument amplifiers. Ken Kantor is the founder of ZT Amplifiers.

Website: www.ztamplifiers.com

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