Zander Circuitry

Alex Millar started making fuzz pedals as a hobby in 2016, eventually turning into a fully fledged pedal company – Zander Circuitry pedals.


They were one of the first British pedal company to release a fully-fledged digital multi-fx unit with stereo, tap tempo and presets.

Zander guitar effects pedals

Zander have a good selection of pedals in their range including Big Box pedals, the Glyph Series pedals and distortion and fuzz pedals.

Big Box pedals

Duplo lo-fi delay machine
Junipero multi-modulation powerhouse
Templo reverberation engine


American Geek high gain fuzz machine
Cafetiere fuzz
Cranium classic distortion
Foxxton Woods upper octave fuzz generator
Siva op-amp fuzz
Surplus full throttle distortion
Terra Firma poweramp distortion

Website: Zander Circuitry

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