Xvive Tone Shaper effects pedal

Xvive Tone Shaper

Great ‘tone shaper’ micro pedal from Xvive      

First released in 2014 and now discontinued the US designed Xvive Tone Shaper micro pedal has a sturdy metal housing. This is an ex-display pedal is mint, never used, but has no box, hence the price.

A great little ‘tone shaper’.
Two-Band Equalizer
Two multi-pole sharp cutoff filters
Up to 6db Gain
Works with bass or guitar
Maximizes tone flexibility of instrument
Lows/Highs/Level Control
Excellent dynamic response
Simple, easy to use design
100% Analog design with True Bypass circuitry
“Effects on” indicator light
Original XVIVE tone
Micro pedal package
Durable all-metal housing

Our price £38.00 with FREE shipping

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