Which ThorpyFX pedal do I need?

The mission at ThorpyFX is to “produce the best sounding, most robust and most beautiful guitar effects available. This is achieved through great design, great engineering and holding true to our ethos of providing “Superior Fidelity Tone Machines” to discerning guitarists.”

Seems they are achieving this with every pedal released, judging by industry and user reviews and feedback. Founded in 2014 and releasing its first product in 2015, they now have nine in the range, including the newly released Deep Oggin chorus/vibrato:

THE DANE Overdrive and Booster, Peter “Danish Pete” Honore’s Signature pedal
The DEEP OGGIN Chorus/Vibrato (on pre-order as just released)

The FAT GENERAL Parallel Compressor V2
The GUNSHOT Overdrive V2
The PEACEKEEPER Low Gain Overdrive V2

The TEAM MEDIC Buffer, EQ, Boost and Boost +
The VETERAN (Si) V2 Vintage Fuzz and Boost
The WARTHOG Distortion

Reviews of all their pedals have been excellent with 9/10 in many cases with very positive comments on build quality, features and sound/tone.

See more at: thorpyfx.com – reviews
Videos: thorpyfx.com – videos

All are available to purchase direct on their website, with prices from £184.99 for the Fallout, Gunshot and Warthog to £249.99 for the Dane and Deep Oggin

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