Walrus Audio guitar tuner

Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner

The most advanced – and expensive – pedal tuner?  

We all need a tuner on our board and the Canvas Tuner takes it all a stage further with advanced features and great precision.

The bright 2.8” TFT LCD display that can be viewed under just about any stage lighting conditions, offering multiple screen orientations and ±0.1 cent accuracy.

Here’s what Walrus Audio say about it:

Uncompromising Accuracy

Precise and accurate tuning you expect with ±0.1 cent accuracy and multiple tuning presets. Tune with confidence, allowing your music to shine with clarity.

Tailored to Your Preferences

Tailor your tuning experience to your liking with multiple screen orientation options and selectable Strobe or Needle tuning modes. Your preferences, your performance.

Tune Faster with Tune Assist

Let Tune Assist guide you swiftly and accurately through your tuning process. Quick and easy tuning has never been so effortless. With Tune Assist, once your note stays in tune longer than a pre-determined threshold, a border outlining the display will flash letting you know that you are in tune and can move to the next string.

Customize Your Reference Pitch

Adjust the reference pitch from 390Hz to 490Hz to suit your musical needs. Precision tuning for any style of music.

Stay Current with Firmware Updates

Keep your tuner up to date with firmware updates via www.walrusaudio.io. Experience continuous improvement and new features as they become available.

Yours for c£148 when it hits the UK

More info at Walrus Audio

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