Vox Real McCoy wah effects pedal

Vox Real McCoy wah pedal

The Real McCoy from Vox recreates the first ever wah                 

First introduced by Vox in 1967, the Wah-Wah pedal was initially created to emulate Clyde McCoy’s trumpet mute technique. However, an unintended but music-changing use with electric guitar turned the Wah pedal into a legendary tool for artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

It accentuates the midrange, imparting a warm and melodic quality for expressive lead guitar playing that underscores the articulation of each note.

Here’s what Vox say

Wah pedals from the early days are rare and sought after due to their distinctive tone. However, high costs and component reliability make them risky to use on stage. They can also be expensive to maintain due to the cost of replacement parts.

As a result, our engineers have worked hard to unravel the mysteries of the original wah. After years of research, we’re proud to offer 2 models of wah pedals designed to meticulously replicate the exact tonal characteristics of the ultimate pedals.

Vintage wahs are renowned for their distinctive sound profiles, with each unit exhibiting unique characteristics owing to the inherent simplicity of their circuitry and the markedly individualised nature of their components. Two wahs emanating from the same production line and produced at the same time may sound quite different!

We started our journey by acquiring a mint condition vintage 1960s Wah, referred to at Vox as the “Holy Grail” – the epitome of the ideal unit.

The VRM-1 Real McCoy Wah pedal is yours for £279

Website: Vox Pedals

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