Vox Clubman 60 guitar amplifier

Vox Clubman 60

Lightweight tube amp for semi-hollow guitars     

Created for semi-hollow and fully-hollow body guitar players, the Vox Clubman 60 has a sparkling tone with comprehensive and easily accessible controls.

A two-channel portable amp, the Clubman 60 offers genuine tube richness and response thanks to Nutube: our next-generation vacuum tube technology. Built-in effects, aux input, and a headphone output make the Clubman 60 the perfect choice for performances both on stage and at home.           


Input one gives full range hi-fi sound with warmth and tone, without losing the nuances of your playing. An easily accessible three-band EQ allows you to shape your sound. Unusually for a tube amp, the clean tone is maintained even at high volumes thanks to significant headroom on the gain before clipping occurs.

Input 2 is perfect for more traditional higher-gain electric guitar tones. Sound shaping comes courtesy of a 2-band EQ, and a switchable overdrive circuit opens even more possibilities.

Each channel on the Clubman 60 features a choice of reverb, chorus or a combination of the two via a simple single knob control.

Expect to pay £350-360

Website: Vox Amps

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