News April 2019

Rock Art – Vigier have been offering their ‘Rock Art’ guitars for a while – they are all unique to you as they come in a colour scheme of your choice, being hand done by Patrice Vigier himself. You can custom order one from any of their dealers. Great guitars as well as great eye candy.

Vigier Guitars is a French manufacturer of electric guitars and basses, being established in 1978 by Patrice Vigier.

The company has been at the forefront of guitar technology with the creation of the world’s first guitar equipped with memory (using the Nautilus system) to more recent developments like the new Flexretainer string guides.

They strive to make the best guitars possible, with an eye on both tradition and the embracing of modernity.

Vigier guitars and basses are not necessarily monsters of futuristic technologies. They are designed and manufactured entirely in the factory with an approach similar to the traditional craft of violin making. From raw logs to finished instruments, each step is performed by hand with great care.

Vigier guitars are instruments that are the result of a subtle alliance between an ancestral know-how and modern technology. Retail Prices: £2000 – £3000


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