JHS Legends of Fuzz pedals

Three more Legends of Fuzz

Fuzz is in at the moment (did it ever go out?)

JHS Effects have announced three more Legends of Fuzz pedals which add to the four released last year.

The “Legends Of Fuzz” series is a collection of the world’s most historic, rare, and sought after circuits.

These new pedals, the Berkeley (a ’73 Fress Fuzz Replica), Mary-K (a ’69 Fuzz Tone Replica) and Plugin (a ’67 Boss tone Replica).

Each one is based on a famous fuzz from the past “our tribute to the most important fuzz circuits ever made. It is our way of ensuring that the stories of these effects live on in the music that you are going to make. From the earliest days of fuzz in the mid-60’s London scene to the 1990’s ex-Soviet military factories that brought the Big Muff back to life”

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