ThorpyFx Electric Lightning guitar effects pedal

ThorpyFx Electric Lightning

Chris Buck Signature Valve Overdrive and Boost       

Here’s what ThorpyFx say about it:

After multiple years of development and a solid year of road testing, we are here, the worst kept secret in the pedal world is now revealed.

ThorpyFx and Chris Buck have collaborated to deliver a signature Valve Overdrive and Boost.

Designed with Chris in mind, the Electric Lightning delivers a dynamic overdrive that retains clarity and articulation all the way up to the upper reaches of the gain pot.

The drive is equipped with a 3 band EQ for control over the tonality no matter what amp/guitar combo you use.

The boost is a familiar high headroom boost but tailored to Chris’s needs it can be used to fatten up cleans or give extra saturation to the valve overdrive section.

More info at: ThorpyFx

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