Taylor Soundport Cutaway

Taylor innovate with their soundport cutaway.                  

Taylor, a company that has always built innovative guitars,  has joined the soundport set with their latest models.

The soundport cutaway expands the tonal capabilities of their Grand Symphony guitars into “new sonic territory.”

The soundport cutaway boasts an innovative partial-cutaway design that leaves the guitar’s back fully intact for maximum resonance while still giving the player seamless access to the guitar’s highest frets.

The second soundhole is tucked into that cutaway, placed at a 45-degree angle to the top to encourage omnidirectional projection. Combined with tone-enhancing V-Class bracing, the result is a uniquely high-fidelity sound, one that surrounds and immerses the player in rich acoustic tone.

Three models have this:

326ce: Urban Ash + Mahogany
Builder’s Edition 816ce: Indian Rosewood + Sitka Spruce
K26ce: Hawaiian Koa

More info: Taylor Guitars

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