Taylor American Dream Series

Looking for a US made premium acoustic by one of the big names at a decent price? Look no further – the Taylor American Dream Series is here.

The series comprises several models in their Grand Pacific body shape and each features all solid wood, V-Class bracing and Taylor playability.  Wood pairings include sapele with mahogany, and ovangkol with spruce, including an eye-catching blacktop edition.

Here’s what Taylor have to say:

“Named after the guitar shop where Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974, the American Dream® Series reflects the principles of innovation and resourcefulness that have always helped Taylor get through challenging times.
Facing the global COVID-19 crisis, we found ourselves again challenged to invent our way out of a mess. Making music felt more important than ever, and yet we knew many folks would have less to spend on a new guitar. So, we thought, how can we pack all the essential ingredients of a great guitar into a pro-level instrument and make it more affordable?
With the American Dream Series, we’re proud to introduce the lowest-priced solid-wood, US-made guitars in the Taylor line. V-Class bracing and our signature playability deliver premium performance, while the appointments were streamlined to fit the function of these guitars. Designed for the times, these guitars have everything you need, and nothing you don’t.”

They should be in stores and priced at £1350 and £1529.

Check it out at: Taylor American Dream Guitars

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19 August 2020