Tanglewood TW45 H SR acoustic guitar


Tanglewood is a well-known name to guitar buyers in the UK being one of the giants in the affordable and mid-price acoustic guitar market, although they have recently begun to move into other, more expensive, market sectors.


Their acoustic guitars are organised into ranges such as the Premier, Heritage, Winterleaf and Sundance ranges with around 20 in total. Body shales include cutaway and non-cutaway jumbos, dreadnoughts, parlour, folk etc meaning that there will be a guitar for you in their catalogue with prices from c£400 to c£1500.

The business was founded in London in 1988 with guitars being designed in the UK and manufactured in China and the Far East. Across the board, Tanglewood guitars are probably some of the best in the mass produced ranges providing consistently high standards in both acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars at reasonable prices.

Tanglewood is a winner of the Music Industry UK’s All Time Best Selling Acoustic Guitars award and has won sales awards on many occasions. Their guitars are now sold in more than 60 countries. 

Website: www.tanglewoodguitars.co.uk 

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