Supro Tri Tone

We definitely want one of these! The new Tri Tone is inspired by the extremely rare, 1959 Supro Triple Tone guitar, which came in tuxedo-black, with 3-pickups and had art deco appointments. Supro is re-introducing this unique instrument for 2019 with modern updates such as a set-neck, tune-o-matic bridge and increased access to upper frets. Vintage mojo or what!

We love the triple-pickup format, brought over from the original, which combines a pair of authentic Vistatone pickups in the neck and bridge position, with an overwound Super Alnico unit in the bridge. These custom-made, powerful, vintage-correct single coil pickups deliver a wide variety of Supro tones, ranging from warm jazz and smoldering blues to southern rock and fuzzed-out psychedelia.

This is one cool guitar and yours for £899!

More info:

20 June 2019