Strymon Deco and DIG V2 guitar effects pedals

Strymon V2 Pedals

A welcome upgrade to six fantastic Strymon pedals         

With a philosophy to “build uncompromising products and push the limits of technology in music” that will “inspire you to create amazing music” Strymon have upgraded six of their popular pedals and released them as the V2 version.       

V2 Range

Bluesky V2 – reverb
El Capstan V2 – tape echo simulation
DIG V2 – dual digital display
Flint V2 – tremolo and reverb
Deco V2 – tape saturation and double tracker pedal
Lex V2 – rotary pedal

Two Strymon V2 guitar effects pedals

They may look the same but all have upgraded internals, featuring an ARM processor, more inputs and features as well as full MIDI control. Prices are £329 to £359 so not cheap, but certainly high quality and made to last forever.

Great sounds as well.

Check them out at: Strymon

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