Slash Guild Crossroasd double neck guitar

Slash Guild Crossroads

Unusual double-neck Slash played in the eighties                

Slash Guild Crossroads

As Guild celebrate their 70th Anniversary they have been trawling their archives to showcase famous players.

Best known for his Les Paul toting, Slash was known to play many Guild acoustic and electric guitars throughout his career with Guns N’ Roses.

Most notably used was his signature “Crossroads” model which featured a double neck.

This guitar was made by Guild following Slash’s own design, which he drew on a cocktail napkin. He basically wanted to avoid switching guitars during songs which required both acoustic and electric sound.

The Crossroads allowed him exactly that, while the top part of the body is hollow, and therefore sounds like an acoustic, and the bottom part is solid, and holds two humbuckers for a hard rock sound.

Slash had a number of these – but most often used a black one.

I wonder if you can still get one now?

More information at: Guild Guitars

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