Skysurfer – Bargain Reverb

TC Electronic Skysurfer Reverb If your amp doesn’t have reverb and you don’t want to pay zillions for a complex pedal, just preferring a bit of reverb for adding colour to your sound then for £39.00 you can have the TC Electronic Skysurfer – easy to use and definitely a bargain!

In Use

We tried this through a Vox MV50 clean amp – you don’t get much more basic than this for an amp which makes it great for pedals – and it is surprisingly good for the price.

You get a choice of three reverbs – spring, plate and hall, together with reverb, mix (which takes your sound from dry to fully wet) and tone controls, together with true bypass.

It takes a 9v battery or you can add it your board with a DC input. A full metal shell and a bit of weight add to its robust feel.


Okay, so it’s a bit basic but for £39, but who’s arguing? Compare it to their Hall of Fame 2, which has 11 settings plus more knobs and switches and retails for c£99 (Mini) and £135 and it’s no contest; nor against more complex pedals such as the Chase Bliss Audio Dark World Dual Channel Reverb – which will take a week to read the manual and set you back £349. At £39 it does the job nicely!

Certainly worth a try out if you just need a bit of reverb and aren’t hung up on perfection…

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