Silverline from Blackstar

The Blackstar range of amps just keeps on growing and growing. As well as producing fantastic valve amps their digital technology is up there with the best; enter the new Silverline series of guitar amps.

From the Silverline Standard at 20W, though the Special (50W), Deluxe (100W) and Stereo Deluxe (100W) to the Head and Cabinet the range is set to be a winner.

with “True boutique character, tone and response from our most powerful digital amplifiers ever.” Silverline guitar amplifiers marry boutique character, effortless tonal tweaking and next-level digital processing power to create the most attractive, best sounding and most responsive digital amplifiers available today. Finally, a boutique, digital amp without compromise. Forget gear that claims ‘real-amp tone’ and get back to playing real amps, the Silverline series.

All feature touch response valve/amp models, ISF Control, Celestion speakers, 6 Pre-amp voicings, studio grade effects and PC editing.

More information at: Blackstar

17 October 2019