2 Shergold Testar electric guitars

Shergold Telstar

Shergold launches the affordable Telstar                 

This is the third model in the “modern re-invention of the legendary Shergold brand”. The Shergold Telstar is designed in the UK by British guitar luthier Patrick James Eggle.

The Telstar “matches great specification with a stylish and inimitable design, placing a guitar in your hands that gives you the freedom to truly express yourself.”                      


Featuring a solid poplar body loaded with two Page FilterSonic pickups for a distinctive blend of warm and bright tones with bags of nuanced character.

Blue Shergold Telstar electric guitar

The Telstar pairs a maple neck with a laurel fingerboard and features a six in line colour-matched headstock.

Comes in two colours – solid Pastel Blue and Champagne Gold both with a high-gloss finish that aims to bring the Telstar’s easy-going, yet adventurous spirit to life.

Priced at £379

More info at Shergold

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