Two Sheeran Looper guitar pedals

Sheeran Loopers

Two brand new Sheeran Loopers launched            

If you don’t know Ed Sheeran, he began his recording career in 2004 and has since sold more than 38 million albums and 100 million singles worldwide. he is famous for users loopers extensively in his live and recorded music. Buy now on Amazon

Looper X

The Sheeran Looper X is your ultimate looper workstation for songwriting and live performance. Looper X features Ed Sheeran’s powerful multi-track looper workflows, stadium-grade die-cast aluminum pedals, intuitive 7” touchscreen with real-time metering and waveform rendering, full RGB LED indicator system and a complete toolkit of loop creation and remix functions.

Designed by Ed and his production team, Looper X utilizes custom DSP powered by HeadRush®, featuring a suite of premium built-in multi-FX, class-leading audio quality and comprehensive connectivity options to help take your looping to the next level. Designed to perform flawlessly night after night, tour after tour, Sheeran Looper X offers musicians from singers, guitarists and keyboard players to violinists, drummers, and beatboxers a new world of creative looping possibilities.

Looper +

The Looper + is the next–generation powerful and portable dual-track looper pedal. Looper + features Ed Sheeran’s looper workflow, stadium-grade die-cast aluminum pedals, and an intuitive 1.8” color screen with RGB LED loop status ring for heads up performance information.

Looper + utilizes custom DSP powered by HeadRush® that offers class-leading audio quality and stacks of connectivity options for performing on the street, in the studio, or up on stage! Looper + is the perfect compact looper whether you’re just starting out, or a professional musician looking to upgrade your existing pedalboard with an intuitive new looper pedal.

The Looper X retails at £1199 and the Looper + at £299

Buy direct from Sheeran Guitars

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