Tasty, toasty blues guitar



For sale at an attractive price is my 2015 Ibanez EKM-100. This is not a budget 'Artcore' model, it's luthier-made in Japan and has had almost no play, other than as a shop display. One or two UK shops will quote you a price - they're around £2,400 new - but none when I last looked had one in stock - I got mine from Germany.
So here's your chance!
This guitar is a thinline semi-hollow archtop in the '335' style: the 17" double-cutaway body is all solid tigerstripe maple, wine-red, with a mahogany 22-fret thru-neck (43mm at nut). It features gold GoToh Pro tuners and stoptail bridge, with a balanced pair of gold DiMarzio 36th Anniversary pickups, DP103 and DP223.
The features are based on a custom design of US blues/rock player, Erik Krasno, of the band Soulive - hence the discreet 'EK' pearl inlay on the headstock.
There is one tiny 'dink' on the top, where the point of a lead jumped up and nicked a bit of varnish while it was on its stand. Otherwise it's an extremely clean example, and comes in its original shellcase.
As the guitar is currently out with a dealer on commission, please allow a week while I fight to get it back!
(My apologies to the dealer but I've borrowed a photo from him as I don't have access to take my own!)

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