Sandblasted PRS!

The SE range from PRS just keeps getting better and better with a range of limited editions including their ‘sandblasted’ swamp ash models. Hands up all those who like to see the grain, rather than a solid colour finish…

“This very striking limited run features a solid Swamp ash top in place of the regular model’s maple top and veneer. The solid Swamp Ash is sand-blasted and then grain filled to add colour (this great finish is borrowed with thanks from our Private Stock team!)

The Sand Blasted Ltd is offered on 4 great models, SE Custom 24, SE Custom 22, SE Custom 24 Lefty, SE Custom 24 Floyd and great in 5 colours: Sand-blasted Frozen Charcoal, Sand-blasted Fire Red, Sand-blasted Indigo, Sand-blasted Yellow & Sand-blasted Emerald”

£799 to pre-order with select UK retailers.

More information at: PRSGuitars

1 October 2019