Ritter Encore guitar amplifier

Ritter Encore Amp

Yours for 36,000 Euros – the Ritter Encore Amp   

Now, that is what you call a custom amp. With only three being built a year you have to wait at least 6-7 months for yours – this is one, exclusive, and expensive, guitar amp!  

Here’s what Ritter say about it:

In a world where digital dominates and the authentic essence of music often fades into the background, the “ENCORE” emerges as a beacon of artistry and cultural tribute. This isn’t just another guitar amplifier; it’s an homage to the golden era of tube amplifiers, a symbol of unparalleled craftsmanship, and a testament to the enduring legacy of guitar legends.

Crafted with a vision by Jens Ritter and two close musician friends and inspired by the imminent regulations against tube technology, “ENCORE” stands as the pinnacle of tube amplifier sound and aesthetics.

With its striking appearance, reminiscent of the iconic 50s and 60s futurism, and finished in a dazzling high-gloss red and white, “ENCORE” transcends the ordinary, embodying the emotional design vibes of an era that revolutionized music and culture.

A Sonic Marvel, Engineered to Perfection

The amplifier, understandably features “a meticulously handwired, point-to-point construction with world-class components, including hand-selected tubes encased in ice-matte, 18-karat white gold covers”.

This is one cool 58watt guitar amplifier! Not just an amp but a piece of art…

For more information and to order yours: Ritter Encore

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