Ugly Guitars

What do we want from a guitar? If it looks good we’ll pick it up, if it feels good we’ll play it and if it sounds good we’ll want it! Now, we’ve definitely seen our fair share of ‘interesting’ guitars over the years some of which I would class as downright ugly! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so someone must like them – or else they bought it for a laugh.

If your guitar sounded fantastic and had that ‘just right for me’ tone, but was horrible to look at, would you dare wear it on stage or show your mates? I wouldn’t, unless it was dirt cheap and showed me in a good light as a bargain finder, with a sense of humour.

So what is ugly and what is beautiful? Or even in between? Some guitars you could hang on the wall and look at as a piece of art – lovely shape, finish and hardware that has come together to produce a stunning instrument (some Knaggs, PRS, Gibson and customs fall into this category) that makes you feel good about owning it. Then there are the inbetweeners – not bad to look at, everything fits well together but it doesn’t have that certain ‘thing’ about it (most Fender’s – sorry – a few Gibson’s and those shred machines – you know who you are!).

And then there is ugly. Odd shape, naff finish, dodgy hardware and weird headstock, yep there are a few around. Thankfully they come and go fast so not many get made. How about these?

An unusual EKO 700 guitar in gold/silver sparkle. Hmmm 


If you are looking for a bit of bling try the Cort special with Mother of Pearl inlays, or, one to divide opinions – the cool $2m 'Eden of Coronet' Gibson SG

Cort and Gibson.JPG

Framus Idolmaker - as played by Devin Townsend Project – interesting colour combination, And The Majesty by Musicman.

Framus and Majesty.JPG

Washburn Rover travel guitar – what were they thinking

Washburn Rover.JPG

Eastwood Airline retros – a bit wacky too

Eastwood Airline retros - how many knobs do you need.JPG

For a weird shape, how about this Italian, hand made Zoid custom 5 Fretless bass by Wood & Tronics


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