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To help you with your search for a new guitar, amp, pedal or accessory take a look at our Gear Reviews. Some of the gear we liked so much we kept it!

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dot.JPG  Blackstar ID: Core 10   dot.JPG  Polytune Mini tuner vs Mooer Baby tuner 
dot.JPG  Sterling Sub Silo 3 Electric Guitar  dot.JPG  Gibson Midtown Custom
dot.JPG  Ditto Looper dot.JPG  Vox AGA150 Acoustic Combo
dot.JPG  Mooer Ensemble King Chorus pedal  dot.JPG  Viktorian Custom Carbon Fibre guitars
dot.JPG  Dragon's Heart Plectrums dot.JPG   Mid-price electrics: Ibanez vs Gibson vs Epiphone
dot.JPG  Kingdom Dark Defender Semi dot.JPG   Turner Parlour and Jumbo Guitars

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