Reverend Ron Asheton Signature

Reverend has released its new three pickup Ron Asheton Signature Jetstream 390 guitar in ‘Rock Orange’.

“In 2007, the Stooges reunion juggernaut was in full swing, and Ron Asheton was playing a Reverend Jetstream 390 in Rock Orange. In 2008, all of The Stooges gear was stolen along with their truck, in Montreal. The Jetstream disappeared.

This summer, we decided to dedicate the Reverend Jetstream 390 in Asheton’s beloved Rock Orange to him as the Reverend Ron Asheton Signature Jetstream 390. We added the trio of lightning bolts – a decal that Asheton was fond of – to the upper horn. The Ron Asheton Jetstream 390 – fat, raw, and bluesy tones with punk attitude.”

We do like a nice orange electric, particularly with three pups!

Check it out at: Reverend Guitars

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24 July 2020