Relish Guitars produce innovative boutique instruments, offering a unique playability and an unparalleled tone range.

Unfortunately, they ceased trading in July 2023 after 10 years of innovation in the guitar market. After their demise, Cream T Custom Shop UK stepped in. Cream T had been using Relish’s patented pickup swapping system in their own guitars for some time and so were a natural partner.


Their guitars offer incredible sustain, a wealth of clarity in tone and a unique pick-up swapping system. This gives the player a whole different sound spectrum within just seconds. 

The secret of Relish Guitars’ unique sound and extensive sustain lies in its construction. With the neck joining smoothly to the piano-like body construction with an aluminium frame at its core. 


Models include Jane, Mary and Jane One which have a unique sandwich construction with new materials.

Newest model is the Trinity – the first pickup swapping-ready solid body guitar.

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