Redbeard launches RedMist MKIV

Can’t find a pedal with the right sound for you? No problem: just start a company, get someone to design it with and you’re off! Skindred guitarist Mikey Demus has teamed up with ThorpyFX to design the RedMist. Here’s what they say about it:

The Red Mist™ MKIV is our alternative to the countless generic, muddy / ice-pick sounding drives out there in the wild. With an emphasis on originality and the highest quality engineering, we wanted to craft a new and unique sounding drive pedal. The Red Mist™ MKIV is a focused, crunchy, tight drive that can spice up your tone anywhere from a tasty sizzle, all the way up to almost unbearable levels of blistering heat.

The Red Mist™ MKIV is not a clone or copy of any predecessor but an original circuit design built from the ground up, designed with the goal of pushing your sound into new and exciting territories.

Check it out at Redbeard Effects

20 November 2019