Rajani Amps

Rajani Amps are a new boutique amp manufacturer based in London and will be releasing their first products in September 2019.

Their amps are not ‘copies or derivatives of vintage amps’ but designs that they want to become classics in their own right.

The VOD-50

(Valve Overdrive 50 Watts) is ‘the only amp you will ever need’
This is an all analogue, Head or Combo, 50-watt guitar amp with four channels, spring reverb and a serial effects loop. The unique circuits have been meticulously designed to produce a superbly balanced guitar tone across all channels, and at all gain levels. The Combo features a 12 inch Jensen Tornado 100 speaker.

It promises big, bold and deep clean sounds; fat and juicy mild overdrive and rich and creamy high gain – we can’t wait to hear one in action.

Custom Made

The amps are custom made, one at a time in their London workshop, with cabinets hand made by a local craftsman. Each amp undergoes rigorous testing to ensure unsurpassed quality and a lifetime of reliable service.

Both the Head and Combo come with a footswitch and custom cover.

For more information and to discuss ordering your amp contact Rajani Amps through the web link below.

Website: RajaniAmps

Retail prices: Head £1695 Combo £1795

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