News October 2019

The SE range from PRS just keeps getting better and better with a range of limited editions including their ‘sandblasted’ swamp ash models. Hands up all those who like to see the grain, rather than a solid colour finish…“This very striking limited run features a solid Swamp ash top in place of the regular model’s maple top and veneer. The solid Swamp Ash is sand-blasted and then grain filled to add colour (this great finish is borrowed with thanks from our Private Stock team!)The Sand Blasted Ltd is offered on 4 great models, SE Custom 24, SE Custom 22, SE Custom 24 Lefty, SE Custom 24 Floyd and great in 5 colours: Sand-blasted Frozen Charcoal, Sand-blasted Fire Red, Sand-blasted Indigo, Sand-blasted Yellow & Sand-blasted Emerald”£799 to pre-order with select UK retailers.

News March 2019

We love this new PRS SE which has been released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of King Crimson! They have created a signature guitar for Crimson’s lead singer and guitarist, Jakko Jakszyk. Only around 1,000 of these SE Schizoid guitars, adorned with the classic artwork from Crimson’s In the Court of the Crimson King album, will be made.

PRS Guitars is a USA based guitar manufacturer founded by guitarist and luthier Paul Reed Smith in 1985, making high-end solid body electric guitars, although they have recently introduced a line of acoustic models together with a range of tube amplifiers.

They are now one of the leading electric guitar brands in the world with a reputation for producing high quality rock and metal guitars. Unfairly known for making ‘posh’ guitars they have recently introduced a line of guitars – the S2 Series – for the working musician.

To keep up with demand PRS introduced a new mid-priced line in the late 1990s. The Student Edition (SE) line is manufactured in Korea.


Retail Prices: £1000 – £7000 SE Series: £ £300 – £850