PRS Guitars, like Taylor Guitars, are a new kid on the block in guitar terms and are celebrating their 35th Anniversary this year. In that time they have grown to be a major player in the market with a range of high-end electric, acoustic and bass guitars, a mid-priced range of electric and acoustic guitars and a growing range of high quality tube based amplifiers.

USA based, PRS was founded by guitarist and luthier Paul Reed Smith in 1985, making high-end solid body electric guitars, which he still does to this day as custom models. They have a fully deserved reputation for producing high quality rock and metal guitars. Unfairly known for making guitars too ‘posh’ to play, they have recently introduced a new US line of guitars – the S2 Series – for the working musician, which have won critical acclaim.

In the late 1990’s they astutely introduced a range of mid-priced, made in Asia, guitars – both electric and acoustic – under the SE banner. The range is now wide and continues the high-quality craftsmanship that PRS are known for whilst introducing guitarists to the PRS brand.

Electric Guitars

Core range of US made flagship models – includes Custom 22, Custom 24, McCarty, Hollowbody and Signature Guitars

Bolt-on Range of US made guitars including the CE24 and Silver Sky

S2 Series. More affordable US made range in a second factory. Includes Custom 22, Custom 24, McCarty, Standard 22, Standard 24 and Vela models

SE Series. Full range of Asian made mid-price guitars including single and double cut, Custom and Standard as well as Signature models

Private Stock guitars are the pinnacle of PRS craftsmanship and include individually made and limited edition models


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