PRS are 35 this year

In 35 years PRS have gone from a small, niche builder to one of the big boys in the guitar and amplifier world. Known by some as making ‘posh’ guitars – yes, their Core models do cost a fair whack but look at the quality – their product line up is now wide ranging. As well as the Core models, they have a range of S2 USA built guitars and their Asian made range of SE guitars, which are getting better and better. Add in some cool acoustics and a growing range of bass guitars and amplifiers they will soon be a giant of the industry.

You can pay from £500 to £10,000 plus for one of their electrics or opt for a custom build or limited edition Dragon. The first was in 1992 and they have since built them for anniversary years including the 35th which is the model above.

My favourite PRS? Got to be the S2 Vela semi-hollow…. 

More information at: PRS Guitars

5 May 2020