PRS produce an expanding range of high quality heads and combos from 15W to 110W.

Archon Series – 50W Head and Combo; 100w Head and Cab
Grissom Series – David Grissom Signature – DG Custom 30 Head and Cab
J-MOD – John Mayer Signature – 100w Head and Cab
MT 15 – Mark Tremonti Signature – 15W lunchbox sized Head
Sonzera Series – 20W and 50W Combos

PRS Guitars, like Taylor Guitars, are a new kid on the block in guitar terms and are celebrating their 35th Anniversary this year. In that time they have grown to be a major player in the market with a range of high-end electric, acoustic and bass guitars, a mid-priced range of electric and acoustic guitars and a growing range of high quality tube based amplifiers.

USA based, PRS was founded by guitarist and luthier Paul Reed Smith in 1985, making high-end solid body electric guitars, which he still does to this day as custom models. They have a fully deserved reputation for producing high quality rock and metal guitars. Unfairly known for making guitars too ‘posh’ to play, they have recently introduced a new US line of guitars – the S2 Series – for the working musician, which have won critical acclaim.

In the late 1990’s they astutely introduced a range of mid-priced, made in Asia, guitars – both electric and acoustic – under the SE banner. The range is now wide and continues the high-quality craftsmanship that PRS are known for whilst introducing guitarists to the PRS brand.


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