Marsall RG-1 Regenerator

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The Regenerator is a chorus, a flanger and a phaser all in one sturdy metal stomp box. A stereo modulation pedal, the Regenerator features a diverse range of six different modes for you to explore, sure in the knowledge that the tone-preserving passive bypass is just a footswitch away.


From the sweeping detuned tones of the vintage chorus to a phaser that swells with energy, listen as the Regenerator entwines itself around your sound. With full control over the speed, depth and regeneration, it’s every modulation pedal you’ll ever need. RRP £79. Special Offer £59 Free postage

Vintage Chorus A classic chorus, adding mellow sweeps to high speed vibrato and everything in between to your sound.

Multi Chorus Based upon Marshall's classic Supervibe pedal, its unique sweeping pattern allows you to create simple sweeps through to complex ensemble sounds.

Vintage Flanger The versatile vintage flanger lets you go deep and detune your sound to extremes, turn up the regen for it to soar across your sound, or hold back to create natural flange effects.

Phaser A rich phasing effect making your sound swell with energy, creating fluid waves which wash around your tone.

Step Phaser Adding a crystal staircase effect to the phaser mode allows you to trip around its  sweeping textures.

Vintage Vibe Get those good vibrations with this swirling vintage vibe mode.

Power: 9V DC Centre Negative Regulated
Minimum Current Draw: 80mA
Controls: Mode, Speed, Depth, Regen
Switches: On/Off Switch
Indicators: On/Off LED
Jacks: 2 Input, 2 Output 'Jack sockets'
Input Impedance: 1M½
Output Load Impedance: < 1k½
Dimensions: 120mm x 65mm x 55mm
Weight: 510 grammes