Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson makes vintage style and original custom electric and bass guitars.

PRguitars was started in 1988 and has built up an excellent reputation as a guitar maker, being voted Best British guitar maker and guitarist choice by the Guitarist magazine.

PRguitars makes a new range of hand crafted guitars and basses that have been developed from over 25 years of world class musical instrument making. These new instruments are made exclusively by Paul so the quality always remains to his very high standard. The woods used are personally selected by Paul to ensure the wood is at a very high standard, straight grained with no shakes or cracks. It is important to him also that the woods are taken from sustainable forests so as not to harm the planet.

He now oils the instruments to give a lovely feel which makes the wood come alive, a big difference to the playability (no sticky finish on the neck to slow you down) and the oil also has 0% effect on the environment. TUSQ nuts are used for tone and sustain as well as consistent quality; they are also environmentally friendly.

His range includes electrics (SCR, JCR, DCR and SGR models) and basses (JBR and PBR models) as well as custom orders to your own specification.


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