Two channel, 30W, battery powered acoustic amp from Orange with Reverb, Chorus and XLR input. Whether you busk, play stages, practice at home or all of the above, the Crush Acoustic 30 has it covered, leaving you free to work your magic. Small (28cms X 32cms X 23cms) and light (6.12kgs), it comes in orange or black, with angled cabinet, and can give up to 8 hours power.

Pedal Baby 100 – Now this is cool for all you pedal heads out there! The new Orange Pedal Baby 100 is a 100W Class A/B power amplifier, designed for the touring musician. “Neutral-sounding but still flattering, it’s perfect for guitarists running pedal boards, modellers or digital processors. Light, compact and built for the road; fly dates and changing venues are all taken in its stride.” Different to traditional guitar amplifiers, the EQ has been designed to be flatter and more neutral allowing the tone to be exactly what your pedals define. With a responsive Bass and Treble control, guitarists can tune their cabinet to get the tone they’re looking for.

Orange, founded in 1968 by Clifford Cooper in London, have been at the forefront of UK valve guitar amplification for over 40 years with their striking orange good looks, ‘pics only’ design and fantastic British valve tone. Orange cabs stand out on stage and their amps are showcased by a huge variety of international acts across the music spectrum including Prince, Bloc Party, Wolfmother, My Chemical Romance and Slipknot.

Orange guitar amplifiers contain fantastic variety in their range and high quality components. The amps are still largely manufactured in the UK (as well as China and the US) allowing Orange to maintain a level of quality control and consistency that continues to push the brand forwards worldwide.

Orange have several product ranges. One of their more recent successes, the Tiny Terror series, took the market by storm by giving huge tone in a compact and portable form. The Thunderverb Series is the flagship for Orange amp guitar heads, The Orange Thunder series provides the classic Orange combo at an incredible price, The Rocker and Rockerverb amps provide a little bit more gain and are used all over the world and the AD Series is used by acts such as Prince and are pure valve tone at its finest.


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