Taylor 400 Series sunburst acoustic guitars

New Taylor Sunburst 400 Series

Three new Sunburst-Topped Taylor 400 guitars          

Taylor’s 400 Series models have always been exceptional workhorse guitars for recording musicians, live players and everyday guitarists of every kind. Now, they have given this family of rosewood/spruce guitars an aesthetic upgrade with three new models with sunburst top finishes and a fresh inlay design.

The result is a trio of acoustic-electric guitars that deliver rich sound with warm lows, clear trebles and a lush, blooming overtone profile. With wide-ranging musical utility and stage-ready looks, the new 400 Series is sure to entice players in every style.

Expect to pay from £2500

412ce (Grand Concert)

Compact and accommodating, the 412ce yields a balanced, articulate sound that’s especially perfect for fingerstyle players and anyone interested in recording.

414ce (Grand Auditorium)

This versatile acoustic-electric performs beautifully across a wide array of musical applications, making it a great choice for a player who needs a reliable guitar for every occasion. 

417e (Grand Pacific)

A round-shoulder dreadnought body shape gives the 417e a rich, seasoned tone with clear low-end power and a striking neo-vintage style.

Me? I’ll take the 412 any day – lovely!

More information at: Taylor Guitars

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