New Taylor 12 strings

Nine gorgeous Taylor 12 Strings to choose from!       

Who doesn’t like a shimmering 12 string acoustic? Our favourite has to be the K68e LTD which has a superb all-solid figured Hawain koa body to look and sound great. Which it should for c£6000!

Taylor 12 string guitar in koa


All-solid figured Hawaiian koa for lush 12-string sparkle
V-Class bracing for enhanced volume, sustain and harmony
Grand Orchestra body yields rich power and touch sensitivity
Double-mounted, reverse-strung bridge for warmer sound
Includes ES2 electronics and deluxe hardshell case

Here’s what Taylor say about it:
As one of our very first 12-string guitars built with V-Class bracing in the jumbo-style Grand Orchestra body shape, the K68e LTD offers a totally distinctive playing experience elevated by its gorgeously figured Hawaiian koa back, sides and top.

Serving up big, lush, sparkling octave shimmer with a refined midrange character, this model benefits from the large lung capacity of the Grand Orchestra body, which yields serious projection and tonal depth with remarkable sensitivity to a soft touch, while our V-Class bracing dials up louder volume, longer sustain and cleaner harmony between notes.

This model is appointed with wood-forward elements such as maple body binding, a single-ring maple rosette and an intricate Spring Vine inlay in maple.

Other appointments include ultra-precise Gotoh 510 tuners in antique gold and a gloss-finish body with a shaded edgeburst.

More information at: Taylor Guitars

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