New Pedal Releases

This week sees the release of new pedals from Joyo, Seymour Duncan and Stone Deaf.

JOYO Baatsin 8 Mode Overdrive

JOYO have decided to put eight of their favourite overdrive sounds into one pedal – neat! All the drives are based on the classics in this true bypass, analogue overdrive giving you vintage and modern sounds and for £64.96 who’s complaining?

The name of this pedal is taken from the Chinese legend of the ‘Eight Immortals’ eight Taoist warrior gods.

Available to order now from Joyo 

Seymour Duncan Polaron analog phase shifter

This is a two stage analog phaser pedal with added digital control juice to deliver classic swirls, futuristic vortices, auto-wah vocalizations, and much more.

Whilst some phasers are simple affairs this one has plenty of features thrown in with a bit of simplicity!

RRP probably c£225 More information at Seymour Duncan

Stone Deaf Noise Reaper

Don’t you just love the graphics! This is a professional quality noise gate from Stone Deaf which can be used on both guitar and bass. They say the technology for it was evolved from their “Warp Drive and Fig Fumb” high gain distortion and fuzz pedals.

This could become one of the best noise gates on the market. RRP £125

More information at Stone Deaf

20 March 2020