MXR M169 Carbon Copy Delay

Much has been said about the MXR M169 Carbon Copy which has been around now for over ten years and comes also in Mini and Deluxe versions, all of which are very popular with pedal aficionados.

Great Sounds

It is a 100% analog pedal using bucket- brigade technology and can create some great sounding delays, being high quality, reliable and with a good reputation. Some of you might dismiss analogue as old school but do so at your peril – there is a good reason that this pedal is still popular!

The MXR Carbon Copy also sports a MOD switch which can add modulation to your delay signal – an interesting and unexpected feature; width and speed can be adjusted internally with a small screwdriver. The MOD switch adds a chorus like effect to your sound giving it more depth.

In Use

It is easy to use. Just set the number of repeats with the REGEN knob, adjust the delay time with the DELAY knob, use the MIX knob to adjust the wet/dry signal (this quite simply mixes the delay pedal volume with your original guitar signal) and that’s it. Tweak away…

If you want to adjust the modulation you need to remove the back casing and adjust it with a small screwdriver, which you will probably only do once if you don’t like the factory setting. It doesn’t have a footswitch to turn it on and off though so you’ll need to practice quickly pushing it with a finger mid song! The switch does light up blue to show you when it is on.


Sound quality is very good and it has a deserved reputation for this, subtly altering your tone which suits the delay effect really well, losing some of the high frequency; using the MIX knob allows you to shape your sound so you can leave the pedal on all the time if you want a background delay with enhanced tone.


100% analog bucket-brigade technology
Up to 600ms of delay with switchable modulation (20ms to 600ms)
Internally adjustable modulation circuit
True bypass
Controls: Delay, Regen, Mix, MOD button
Requires 9V battery (not supplied) or AC adaptor/power supply – current draw 26mA


This is a solid performer in the mid-price range (expect to pay around £149) giving you up to 600ms of delay, which is plenty for most songs /styles, true bypass, great tone and enough tweakability to keep you happy.

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