New MXR Pedals for 2021

The extensive line up of MXR pedals is set to grow this year with the addition of the FOD and the Tremolo.


The MXR FOD Drive (M251) recreates the experience of blending the overdriven sounds of two highly coveted amp stacks right from your pedalboard.

Using the Blend knob you can set the mix of High Gain and Crunch Gain circuits. Two internal controls – Crunch Gain which sets the intensity of the Crunch Gain circuit’s overdrive; and Crunch Volume which sets the output level of the Crunch Gain Circuit – gives greater flexibility


The return of the MXR Tremolo (M305) tremolo effect to the MXR line combines a full historical range of masterfully tuned tremolo styles with a host of features to satisfy the performance needs of today’s discerning players.

The tremolo sounds include:

MXR: Classic M159 sound. Indicated by green LED.
BIAS: Vintage bias waveform; emulates lush compression
of browned out tubes. Indicated by red LED.
REVO: Reverse optical waveform; produces more
exaggerated peaks and valleys. Indicated by green LED.
OPTO: Optical waveform; emulates smooth pulsating effect
generated by vintage amplifiers. Indicated by red LED.
SQR: Square waveform for choppy, pronounced effects.
Indicated by green LED.
HARM: Vintage harmonic tremolo for shimmering frequency
modulation. Indicated by red LED.

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18 February 2021