Line up of Music Man electric guitars and basses

Music Man – new for 2024

 A host of Music Man new for 2024 models                                         

Music Man launched a ton of new guitars at NAMM recently adding exciting new additions to the line up for 2024.

Rabea Massaad Artist Series Sabre Guitar

The all-new Rabea Massaad Artist Series Sabre Guitar is coming in spring 2024. This design collaboration includes a custom tapered neck carve, a recessed lower horn for better upper fret access, and glow-in-the-dark side dot markers.

The guitar is also equipped with a custom Ernie Ball Music Man tremolo, Rabea Massaad Signature Bare Knuckle pickups, a 5 position switch, push-push electronics for single coil tone in positions 1 and 5, and two finish options.

StingRay Special Bass

This winter, Ernie Ball Music Man welcomes one of the most extensive StingRay Special Bass colorway offerings, including 12 new finishes in 4 or 5-string and single H or double HH pickup configurations. A new BFR StingRay 5 will also make its official debut.

John Petrucci Signature Majesty Collection

Starting this summer, the John Petrucci Signature Majesty Collection is expanding with new finishes and configurations. These new Majesty guitars will include five new finish options in 6, 7, and 8-string configurations.

New models and finishes

Ernie Ball Music Man will also release three new BFR maple top models in 6 and 7-string.
The Axis and Axis Super Sport guitars will be offered in four new finishes, adding to the available color options, starting in summer of 2024.

Building your own Music Man bass is now a reality! The Ernie Ball Music Man Custom Design Experience will allow customers to design a factory-built StingRay bass with customized options.

Build your own custom bass your way, available online spring 2024.

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