News June 2019

Not to be outdone by Line6, Fractal Audio, Headrush and Zoom amongst others, Mooer has launched the GE300 multi-effects floor processor. It’s retail price is £749 but expect to pay less than £700. With over 100 amp models and over 160 high quality effects, together with a looper and tons of features, this is one powerful processor and definitely one to try out! As with all these processors it will take you months, if not years, to find your sound(s), but the journey will be great fun. Not having one of these, apart from an ‘old’ Line6 JM4 Looper with amp models built in, I have always wondered what amp you should play it through, as surely your amp will ‘colour’ the sound of the amp model. I find the JM4 sounds great through an acoustic amp acting as a PA…next up a dedicated amp for multi-processors anyone?

News Dec 2018

Mooer has added the Black Truck multi-effects pedal to its Red Truck pedal. Each has six built in effects together with other useful stuff like tuners and tap tempo. The Black Truck has more gain/overdrive than the similar sized Red Truck. Prices? £175-£225

Mooer produce a huge range of budget guitar effects pedals, including their well-established micro range, spanning overdrive and distortion to delay, reverb, chorus, boost and modulation.


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