Mooer GTRS

Mooer have launched an Intelligent Guitar and Mini Bluetooth Amp.

The S800 and S801 GTRS Intelligent Guitars are the “next generation of guitar products, offering a complete, lightweight digital and analog guitar system built from the ground up.”

The guitars feature an Intelligent Processor designed in conjunction with master guitar builders and MOOER’s digital sound engineers. This guitar is designed to function with its dedicated mobile application to offer seamless integration of classic guitar stylings and modern digital simulation technology. 

The S style guitars feature basswood bodies, maple necks, rosewood fingerboards and custom alnico pups.

The matching Mini Bluetooth amplifier is a 5 Watt digital amp with a 2.2″ speaker and rechargeable battery. Great for up to 7 hours on the go fun!

More info: Mooer

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