Martin Guitars John Mayer special acoustic

Martin John Mayer 20th

A bit of bling from Martin Guitars                         

The Martin John Mayer 20th Anniversary OM-45 can be yours for c£20,000. 

Finished in Gray Sunburst and with plenty of bling it is certainly a striking instrument.

Martin Guitars John Mayer special acoustic

Here’s what Martin say: “To commemorate the 20th anniversary of John Mayer’s popular OM-28JM model, Martin collaborated again with John Mayer to offer this gorgeous high-end anniversary model.

On John’s first signature model with Martin, he chose to include an aluminium border around the headplate and bridge.

For this anniversary model, the border is expanded to the fingerboard and pickguard, and the border has been upgraded to a fine silver that will look amazing for the life of the guitar.

Like Mayer’s previous models, it includes a thinner 1 11/16th width at the nut for comfort and speed. It also includes stunning satin nickel Waverly tuners.

This edition includes a unique label with Mayer’s signature, and will only be available through August 2024, so make sure to check it out soon!”

If you cough a bit at the price perhaps the ‘more affordable’ OMJM John Mayer 20th Anniversary model might be for you at a paltry c£4250!

More information at: Martin Guitars

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