News April 2019

New Studio SeriesMarshall are bringing back their classics, in a smaller format. Some of the most infamous sounds of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s housed in a 20W amp. For the musicians that want to recreate nostalgic music memories in your own home or studio. With power reduction that helps you switch between 20W and 5W power without any need for an attenuator, making the amp your safest bet for huge tone at home, studio or stage. Includes the Studio Classic, Studio Vintage and Studio Jubilee range.

Marshall Amplification, one of the iconic amp brands, was founded as a British company by drum shop owner and drummer Jim Marshall. Today Marshall are one of the world’s largest manufacturer of guitar amplifiers and they produce guitar amps for every level of guitarist, from beginner to pro.

Some core products are still made in the UK, in Milton Keynes, but Marshall also has manufacturing plants in India, Vietnam and China. They make a huge range of amps including the Acoustic Series, Astoria, DSL, Handwired, JVM2, JVM4, MG Carbon Fibre, Micro Amps, Rack Power Amps, Signature Series and Vintage Re-issues.

Marshall amps were originally based on Fender amplifiers but had their own sound and were soon sought out by guitarists seeking that sound and more volume. Many of the current (and reissue) models continue to use valves, for that traditional valve sound, although they also manufacture less expensive solid-state and hybrid devices.


Retail prices: £50 – £1500