Marshall and Mini

The ultimate in travel amps – cool!       

After Triumph and Gibson comes the Mini and Marshall. David Brown Automotive unveil the Mini Remastered Marshall Edition.

Here’s what they say about it:

“Everything you expect from Mini Remastered just with the volume turned up to max. Taking design inspiration from Marshall’s iconic amplifiers, our designers have created a symphony of style, swagger and pure, unadulterated driving experience.

Cars and music go together like amplifiers and guitars, so what could be more rock ’n’ roll than this collaboration between Mini Remastered and our great friends at Marshall?

To celebrate 60 years of loud, we’ve taken everything you love about Marshall and packed it into the most iconic Mini Remastered special edition we’ve ever produced. Plug-in, fire-up and make some noise.

Mini Remastered Marshall Edition is limited to just 60 examples to celebrate Marshall Amplification’s milestone anniversary, celebrating 60 years of turning up the volume.”

Is this for real? Looks like it!

More info: Marshall Mini

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