Marshall guitar effects pedals


Well known for their iconic amps, Marshall also produce a range of effects pedals. Recently re-issued and based very closely on the sought after originals. Marshall effects include:

Bluesbreaker captures the magic of those classic Marshall vintage amps with added sweetness, crispness and extra edge.

Drivemaster based on the original Guv’nor but takes things a stage further with a new tone and drive network.

Guv’nor originally released in 1988, the Guv’nor set the bar for future generations of distortion pedals.

Shredmaster a high gain pedal

Designed in the UK but made in their global manufacturing plants in India, Vietnam and China. They make a huge range of amps including the Acoustic Series, Astoria, DSL, Handwired, JVM2, JVM4, MG Carbon Fibre, Micro Amps, Rack Power Amps, Signature Series and Vintage Re-issues.

Website: Marshall Pedals

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