Turner Guitars aim is to "produce 'beautifully crafted instruments' which readily compete with the best in the industry both in quality of materials used and also care and attention to detail during construction."

Each guitar is made using finest materials including solid spruce tops and carefully selected tonewood bodies, complemented with precise custom scalloped bracing. 30 Series models upwards have a bone nut and saddle for extra tone and sustain, the finger board has a 45mm width at the nut, making the guitar a 'finger-style' player's dream. 
Designed in the UK and made in a small factory in Southern China, every guitar is checked and set up before leaving the Turner workshop in the UK by a skilled guitar luthier to guarantee that when you pick up one of their guitars in any store you will enjoy the Turner Experience. They are so confident in their quality that Turner Guitars purchased from 2012 onwards come with a limited lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser!

Their range of guitars covers several body sizes and includes cutaways and electros.

Website: www.turnerguitars.com

Prices:  20 Series £225-299
             30 Series £299-399
             40 Series £299-399
             50 Series £549
             60 Series £359-449
             70 Series £359-469
             80 Series £649-799
             90 Series £1039