Travel Guitars

Travel guitars today are very sophisticated and cover the acoustic, electric, bass and classical sector, with a great range and variety available. They can perform as well as, or perhaps even better than their full size, full weight, electric or acoustic ancestors and with unique designs that stand out from the crowd of “me too” look-alike products that have been around for years.

Do not be misled by the term “travel guitar”, which for many people suggests a guitar that is bought only to be taken on holiday, perhaps something “cheap and cheerful” and even disposable.

Of course a guitar is already a very portable instrument - but portability must take into account the reality of the travel in the modern world and also our own physical capabilities. In any case, to an airline, a full size "portable" guitar is a revenue earning opportunity second to none ! And don't forget the poor bass player! How many door frames has your bass failed to clear when slung over a shoulder?

A travel guitar is not just for occasional trips or holidays but a guitar to keep with you always, being perfect for use on a boat, plane, caravan, office, studio or on stage – and which can be used without fear of disrupting others – a hotel, flat, bedsit (electric travel guitars are ‘silent’ as you plug in your headphones).

Any musician will want to play something good, something that is in the same class as their existing instruments – but better suited to use in another place, perhaps something unique that creates new possibilities for its use .....

Play Away Guitars in Brighton are specialists and stock a huge range of travel guitars suiting all requirements and budgets, with prices from under £100 to over £1000.